Comparative Analysis

The Importance of doing a review


The market is ever-changing

The financial market is always evolving and changing. New opportunities for investments are on the rise and older investments may not fair as well in comparison. By not regularly reviewing your investments and their performance you could be losing money instead of earning it as well as missing out on newer and more exciting opportunities.


Your financial priorities may be different now

It’s not just the market that is changing, as time goes on, your life changes and with it your financial priorities. Whether it is knowing your loved ones are taken care of once you pass or that you can enjoy your retirement without having to worry about your finances. A comprehensive review will allow you to tailor your portfolio to best suit the needs of you and your beneficiaries.


You may be losing out on value

Insurance companies are constantly updating their policies to stay as competitive as posible. This means more benefits for lower premiums. However this leaves policies dated which means you are not getting good enough value for your premium. As part of our review we will compare your portfolio to whats currently on the market to offer you the best possible value.

Comprehensively covered

You may not be comprehensively covered

In many cases including claims for; dread disease, life and vehicle cover, you may only be entitled to a portion of your payout. This is due to non-comprehensive cover. As part of our review of your policies we will detect and alert you of this and provide a better option.


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