Gold Card

The Discovery Bank Gold Suite

You get the benefit of both a transactional account and a credit card account, joined by a single credit facility to split between your credit card and overdraft as you like. 

Platinum card

The Discovery Bank Platinum Suite

Enjoy the power of both a transaction account, for managing your day-to-day banking needs and a credit card account with up to 55 days of interest-free purchases on select credit card transactions.

Black card

The Discovery Bank Black Suite

You get a full banking suite with enhanced state-of-the-art credit card, paired with a superior trans-account account that let’s you bank on your own terms. You only pay one monthly fee for all your trans-accounts and get access to our Discovery Bank Multicurrency FX Accounts at no additional costs.

Purple Card

The Discovery Bank Purple Suite

Our Discovery Bank Purple Suite offers a uniquely sophisticated banking experience with bespoke world-class service. Indulge in unforgettable experiences while travelling the world in style, and earn exceptional rewards. 

Select your monthly income to identify which account you pre-qualify for. 

Enjoy the benefits and rewards of the selected Bank Card.

Discovery Bank

A Bank that rewards you for healthier banking habits.
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